Score Big With 13 Super Bowl Cocktail Recipes

The big game day is nearly upon us, and while you're planning your Super Bowl party menu — you better be planning your Super Bowl cocktail menu, too. Because as much as we love a good, sessionable or craft beer to get us through the game (and commercials), some of us would prefer a nice cocktail in hand while cheering on our teams. (And while we're at it, we'll take that $10,000 cocktail in New Orleans, too...)

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What's even more fun than just any old cocktail for the Super Bowl? Watching the game with a football-inspired drink. Why not sip on the Halftime Highball with Kilbeggan Irish whiskey? The Hail Mary cocktail with Hangar One Mandarin Blossom Vodka? Or hey, how about a Benchwarmer cocktail with the most athletic-inspired liquid of all — Gatorade? While we can't recommend that Gatorade should go in every cocktail, we can assure you that these game day cocktails will bring good luck to your team. (Or at least you'll be buzzed enough to not notice you're losing.) 

Click here for the ultimate cocktail menu for the Super Bowl — at least the drinks will make not being in New Orleans for the big game a little less painful.