Don't Wait For Summer: Break Out The Grill This Spring For These Backyard Party Dishes

There's just something about cooking outdoors on the grill. A hot charcoal fire adds dynamics of flavor to any dish that no stovetop can rival. Not to mention that grilling outside is often a quick and healthy process, making it our absolute favorite way to prepare a meal.

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But the downside of the outdoor grill is just that: it's outdoors. During the long, cold winter months you can't break out the barbecue to fire up some burgers or a beer can chicken. By the time winter is almost over, it's hard to resist firing up the grill and throwing a backyard barbecue on the first semi-warm day.

So if you're itching to cook outside just as much as we are, we've got your back with 12 incredible grilled recipes that are perfect for spring entertaining. From a beautiful grilled asparagus salad to a barbecue chicken flatbread to a tangy pineapple mango salsa, each of these recipes highlights the smoky flavor of the grill that has been missing from your life.