World's Top 10 Liquor Brands

World's Top 10 Liquor Brands
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The recession may be over, but it has certainly left a mark on the drinks industry. During the period, the biggest alcoholic brands found their market dominance increasingly challenged by newer, cheaper brands, according to the findings of brand consulting firm Intangible Business

The company collected 200 experts on the drinks industry and researched nearly 10,000 brands in the spirits and wine sectors to come up with a list of 2010's 100 most powerful spirits and wine brands. 

The ranking is based on market share, brand growth, price, market scope, brand awareness, relevance, heritage, and perception. 

So what did they find? Despite the market share gains made by smaller brands, they still haven't cracked the top of the industry: The top brands remain large ones. Click ahead to find out the power certain brands wield around the world. 

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