Crazy Facts You Didn't Know About Your 9 Favorite Halloween Candies

The most popular candies in America have some skeletons in their closets

Wikimedia Commons/ Christopher Michel

You won't believe why red M&Ms were discontinued between 1976 and 1986.

Who doesn’t like candy? Whether they're chocolate-covered or candy-coated, packaged sweets are nothing less than an obsession for people all over the world, and they become especially popular around Halloween. The top candy brands are well known by just about everyone, but every popular candy has some secrets it’s hiding or skeletons in its closet.

Crazy Facts You Didn't Know About Your 9 Favorite Halloween Candies​ (Slideshow)

We dug deep into the worlds of 9 leading candy brandsButterfinger, Hershey’s Kisses, Kit Kat, M&Ms, Mounds and Almond Joy, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Skittles, Snickers, and Starburst,— and found that there’s some crazy stuff going on with each of them. Whether it’s a dark or bizarre moment in their past, a curiosity about the origin of their name, or an unexpected fact about the product today, we bet that there are things you didn’t know about these candies.

The more you dig into the history of any food product that’s been around for decades (or for more than a century, as is the case with some of these brands), the more dirt you’re going to turn up. In the world of packaged food, nothing is exactly as it seems: These treats are packaged in more ways than one, as marketing departments are responsible for making them the products that everyone wants to buy. But these are still consumer products, and at the end of the day, it’s the consumer who makes the final decision.

So read on to learn crazy facts about 9 popular candy brands.  They’re not all negative, not all positive, just… slightly crazy, and certainly unexpected. Candy is a huge, worldwide industry, operating on a massive scale. The next time you grab a Kit Kat bar in the checkout aisle, you might just look at it a little differently.


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